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As many bloggers, I started my travel blog milanostyle.com as a creative outlet and a way to share my experiences abroad with my friends and family back home. Then to my astonishment, people I didn’t even know started writing to me and following me, asking me questions.
The site grew, as did the information in it, and consequently the expenses to keep it going grew as well. The fact of the matter is, whether Google likes it or not, blogs need to be subsidized  with more than ad-links.
So, I made a bold move: I went to my first travel fair to present myself and my work to potential clients.

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I live in Italy and I write mostly about Italy, so it was fitting that I go to the TTG Incontri in Rimini, Italy. TTG Italia is the go-to magazine publication and resource for the Italian travel industry. They host the TTG Incontri which is a massive international trade fair held every year. Although there were three pavilions dedicated to Italy, there were two pavilions dedicated to “The World”, another two for “The Global Village” and an additional pavilion for “Europe”.

I can truly say I saw the world in a day!

Here’s my video:

Meet Your Blogger

They also had a fantastic initiative for bloggers in their section called TTG NEXT dedicated to new technologies, seminars and resources for the travel industry. The Blogger Lounge was not only a place for bloggers to hang-out re-charge and network among themselves, but there was a dedicated time for a “meet and greet” for bloggers and companies to meet and connect. They called it TBDItaly (Travel Blogger Destination Italy) and it was a fantastic experience!

celia-meet-your-blogger-dsc_0507Companies are beginning to understand the great potential that bloggers and content creators can provide to their marketing divisions. Even smaller companies that do not have promotional departments can benefit from relationships with bloggers.

At TTG Incontri , I not only made some great contacts but I also found some great information to share with you!

From the Italian pavilion, I got some great information to share with you about Lombardy, Umbria, Liguria, Tuscany. Emilia-Romagna,  and Campania.

From the international pavilions, there are new places to explore like Slovenia, (more of) Spain, the Seychelles, Japan and Israel…uh…the list goes on!

I will certainly consider going again next year!

Stay tuned for new stuff…




More photos:

Spain hosted a show of flamenco dancing
Spain hosted a show of flamenco dancing
At the Snegal stand, they were welcoming and friendly
Sengal was welcoming and friendly



Andrea Da Passano, the mayor of Framura – a city in Liguria near the Cinque Terra region.
Isreal serving up some typical foods
Isreal serving up some typical foods

At first it can be intimidating to see the huge multicolored displays and multitude of selection, so I have compiled some tips in my next post: Surviving the Travel Trade Show Jungle – tips on how to plan your day at a travel trade fair.